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F. J. Kerrigan Plumbing Co. Inc. insists on providing only the highest quality service for the municipalities, industries, airports, home and business owners that are its customers. The company builds and maintains plumbing as well as heating and air conditioning systems. Its many divisions service various facets of its residential, commercial and industrial markets.



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“We have a number of very large trees and get root clogging. The first time was just after moving in, when sludge came up through the basement drain and we called in an emergency. We now we use them to rod every 18-24 months as a preventative measure. In a nutshell: reliable, competent and professional. They were prompt and despite some very heavy root build-up the first time we had it done, their equipment got through it.”
– Heli J. of Wilmette
“As their work was so good, and they are now familiar with our rather cranky system, we intend to continue to use them for regular drain maintenance…We are very satisfied with their work, and hope to remain a regular customer.”
– Wendy Z. of Chicago
“Excellent work…the gentleman who came to do the estimate was very nice, professional and explained my options.”
– Mary C. of Wilmette
Patrick, Jerry and Michael Kerrigan

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The Kerrigan family has made great service our priority since 1949.

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