Kerrigan employees are the best craftsmen in the business, and Kerrigan ensures their skills exceed the industry standards. Though all union craftsmen are required to take two hours of classroom training per year, Kerrigan encourages its employees to surpass the minimum requirements, with plumbers, supervisors and owners averaging six to ten hours annually. Kerrigan maintains state-of-the-art equipment, techniques, and safety.

Safety is number one with Kerrigan and is a partnership between the company’s owners, managers, and staff. Kerrigan has created its own Risk Management Committee with employees at all levels looking at ways to be number one in the industry. Kerrigan employees are trained in OSHA Standards and excel in the industry’s safety practices.

F.J. Kerrigan Plumbing holds a variety of licenses and is a member of several associations which help keep safety a company priority. To learn more about these licenses, associations, and safety awards click here.

F.J. Kerrigan Plumbing - Safety