Michael Kerrigan

Michael is the son of Bob, the companies treasurer from the second generation of ownership. After graduating from the Milwaukee School of Engineering with a bachelor’s degree in architectural engineering, Michael began to learn the inner workings of the business. This included obtaining a plumbing license before he took over as F.J. Kerrigan Plumbing Co. President in 2002.


Jerry Kerrigan

Jerry has followed in the footsteps of his father, Jerry Kerrigan Sr., and currently serves as the companies Vice President. Additionally, he is the President of the Kerrigan Corporation which manufactures airline deicing equipment. Before he got here Jerry obtained a degree in business management from St. Mary’s of Minnesota and a plumbing license.


Patrick Kerrigan

Patrick, also a son of Bob, currently shoulders the role of F.J. Kerrigan Plumbing Co. Treasurer. His education consists of a bachelor’s degree in architectural, building, and construction engineering from Milwaukee School of Engineering. On top of that, Patrick is a licensed plumber and backflow specialist.